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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

This Would Be Funny if it Weren't So Sad

Not much political commentary shocks me these days, but this article titled "Iraq: Images vs. Reality" had me a little flumoxed. An excerpt:

"That image of a freely elected Iraqi government, fully empowered to take charge and determined to implement the will of the people who elected it, would indeed be worthy of celebration by those of who cherish democracy -- in Iraq and in the United States.

Until it is produced, however, the rational reaction to the latest set of images from Iraq is a skepticism that the Bush administration -- and too much of the American political class and media -- still seems to be incapable of mustering. "

I feel comfortable stating that this guy is most assuredly NOT writing these words from Iraq. Yet he apparently has the power to tell us what the "reality" of the situation is on the ground. Well guess what Mr. Nichols? I'm here, and you're wrong.

Not one single person I've spoken with -- be they Iraqi, American or other -- has claimed that Sunday was somehow a magical elixir that has cured all of Iraq's ills. But it does feel like a turning point here. Iraqis are telling me the same thing. The election provided Iraqis a mechanism to visibly demonstrate that they are ready and willing to stand up to the terrorists.

It absolutely boggles my mind that someone can view the images of Sunday and claim the "rational" reaction is skepticism. The images I took and posted below don't even begin to capture the power of the event. Mr. Nichols is lucky he wasn't here on Sunday, he might have imploded.

Since Mr. Nichols has no basis for telling us what the "reality" of Iraqi is, I'm going to suggest a new title for his article, drawn straight from the text: "Yes, of course, it is good that Iraqis are voting. But".