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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

More Signs that the "Sunni Insurgency" is Flaming Out

From today's NYT:

"Militant Islamist groups that originated in Iraqi Kurdistan are responsible for most of the attacks now taking place in the northern insurgent stronghold of Mosul, while activity by nationalist insurgents linked to the former government has slowed there, senior Kurdish officials say.

The activities of Ansar al-Sunna and Ansar al-Islam, two jihadist groups with close ties, have recently overshadowed those of the nationalist insurgent cells in Mosul led by members of the former ruling Baath Party, the officials say. The nationalist fighters have quieted down since December, when the Americans increased the number of troops in Mosul in advance of the Jan. 30 elections, the Kurdish officials say."

I think we are truly nearing a turning point. If the Sunnis start rejecting their former methods in favor of participation, I expect to see Iraq unite to reject or crush the militant Islamists and Zarqawi's ilk. Iraq has a strong secular streak- even the hardline Shia's see the dangers of the brand of Islam Zarqawi has been pushing. Already, terrorist attacks kill many more Iraqis than Coalition members. If the Sunnis come back into the fold, there will be no place for the Islamists to hide.