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Thursday, February 24, 2005

More Nonsense from Buchanan

I've linked previously to some of trash that comes from Buchanan's rag. This time the failed politician pens an article himself, basically arguing against US involvement overseas. Here is his take on how we got here in Iraq:

"The 9/11 killers were over here because we are over there. We were not attacked because of who we are but because of what we do. It is not our principles they hate. It is our policies. U.S. intervention in the Middle East was the cause of the 9/11 terror. Bush believes it is the cure. Has he learned nothing from Iraq?"

Let me take a crack at this tripe. First, bin Laden is on record as opposing our principles. Did Buchanan miss the tape that came out just before the elections? Second, Buchanan is advocating the short game of international relations- let's just isolate ourselves and no one will bother us. But we know empirically that won't work. Pearl Harbor, anyone? Let's also examine bin Laden's biggest two complaints about the US: troop presence in Saudi Arabia and support for Israel. But if democracy flourishes in the Middle East, we can expect to see a diminishing US presence in both places. We've already drastically reduced troop levels in Saudi because Iraqi is no longer the threat it once was. And although I am a staunch supporter of Israel, I think we can expect to see the US not align itself with Israel as much if there were indeed other democracis in the region to align itself with. Right now the US is almost locked into its support of Israel because the alternative is to side with the autocratic regimes in the area. What Buchanan fails to see is that US policy in Iraq (and the ME in general) is actually the BEST way to disengage from the region. Look at Europe, we only station loads of troops there now because they want our economic investment. Remember the outcry from Germany when Bush announced troop reductions there?

But this article is really just a smokescreen for Buchanan's larger point: IT'S THE JOOS!! Let's listen to him:

Who is feeding the president this interventionist nonsense?

Hmmm, maybe Natan Sharansky and those darn Jews?

"Among those who have converted President Bush to the notion that without Arab democracy there can be no Mideast peace is Natan Sharansky . . . .

Urging Bush not to press Israel into making peace with the Palestinians until Palestine embraces democracy is a clever way to postpone peace indefinitely and let Israel expand its settlements and consolidate its hold over the West Bank and East Jerusalem. That may be in Israel’s interest. But it is not in America’s interest. Sharansky’s idealism just happens to coincide with Sharon’s agenda. Can President Bush not see this?"

I knew I'd get that one right! Buchanan's anti-Israel rants grew tiresome years ago. The least he could do is come up with some new conspiracy theories.