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Monday, February 07, 2005

Hey, Iraq, it's Mardi Gras

This article describes a part of US life in Iraq you don't often hear about:

"Louisiana soldiers donned purple, green and gold and climbed onto Army trucks transformed into floats for an early Mardi Gras celebration Sunday, parading through this base west of Baghdad and pelting troops with colorful beads, coins and candies in true New Orleans style."

I laughed when I saw some CNN footage during the inauguration of a few protesters saying things like: "How can you drink your champagne? soldiers are dying in Iraq!" Yes, people are killed here every day. Some of them are my colleagues, and I consider all of them my brothers, even the Iraqis (and sisters, for the PC crowd). But that doesn't mean that those of us living over here have decided to live in a somber, dreary atmosphere for up to a year of our lives. If you don't come over here with a sense of humor and the ability to have a little fun even in the middle of a war zone, you won't last very long.