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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dinner with Christopher Hitchens and Andrew Apostolou

This article makes me long for a night of food, wine and strong opinions. Boy would I have loved to have attended that dinner! My favorite liberal (Hitchens) AND a man at the forefront of pushing democratic concepts worldwide (Apostolou). I'm just not sure I could keep up with the guests at this table. It's worth a full read. I heartily agree with this part:

"Friendly Arabs are the easiest people to bond with I've ever met. It takes no time at all to forge friendship if they're willing - and they so often are. Despite our spat with the Iraqis (and who knows, perhaps in part because of that fight) I felt like those of us at the table were like old friends. Thank God and Allah for that. It gave me hope for the future, not only for our individual countries, but also hope for a future Iraqi-American alliance untainted by any distorted neo-imperial arrangement.

I respected them more, too, because they stood up to me and Christopher Hitchens. They are not servile people. They will never, ever, be anyone's puppets. They are gentle and decent, and at the same time fierce and formidable. You really do not want to mess with them. And they're great to have on your side. "

Maybe I'll have to hit up Mr. Apostolou for a dinner (I'll pay) when I'm home next month on R&R.