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Monday, January 31, 2005

Tragedy and Elation Juxtaposed

Amid all the excitement yesterday was a report of a British transport plane going down:

"Straw didn't say how many troops died in Sunday's crash, but a British military expert, retired Air Vice-Marshall Tony Mason, told CNN at least nine troops aboard the plane were killed.

Britain's Press Association quoted military sources as saying 'around 10' people died and that the final toll was 'highly unlikely' to exceed 15.

Mason also said he feared the aircraft could have been shot down.

'We have a fully serviceable aircraft, we have an extremely competent crew ... (and) the first statement said the crash site covered a wide area, which suggests impact in the air rather than the ground,' Mason said.

'My concern is that at the moment it could very well be hostile action.'"

Its been an emotional rollercoaster the last 2 days. Two nights ago, one of my Embassy coworkers was killed in a mortar attack on the Embassy, and several others injured. That was followed by the pure joy of election day, later tempered by the news of yet more Coalition casualties.

I'm physically and mentally exhausted.