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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Media Coverage of the Election Frustration

This CNN story basically posits that Fallujah residents could care less about the elections. I must say that CNN is digging deep to find the negative story in Fallujah right now.

Fallujah was a terrorists den about 2 months ago. Terrorists had turned Fallujah into their base of operations for most of the country. When the Coalition finally took down Fallujah, they found multiple execution rooms and other horrors. On Sunday, residents of Fallujah wll have the opportunity to vote. And CNN scraped to find some residents to complain about getting the opportunity to vote. And where did they find these folks? Waiting in line to receive humanitarian aid being handed out by US Marines. That means this reporter had to walk past the good story of actually having elections in Fallujah, and past the good story of the Marines distributing aid, to get to a story with some negative spin.

If only we just had to fight the terrorists over here . . .