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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Its Not That Different Across the Pond

From the UK:

"Regardless of one's view of the US-UK attack on Iraq - and I speak as one sceptical about it, at best - surely one should wish the elections on Sunday to be a success. And I don't mean just want them to be, but will them to be, and certainly not help those seeking to disrupt and undermine them.
People will risk their lives going to the polls in areas of Iraq this weekend, and some parts of the media - in other countries as well as in ours, I assume - have already written off those efforts as worthless, the elections as fatally flawed."

I sincerely hope that the Iraqi election is not viewed as a referundum on British or Amerian foreign policy. Friends of democracy everywhere should be hoping for success. Those who wish desperately to "bring our troops home" must understand that there is no quicker path to doing so than Iraqi embrace of freedom.