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Friday, January 28, 2005


Damn, I've been remiss on posting photos lately and instead have been bla blah blahing about politics and the usual crap. So here is your fix for the day. My absolute favorite mode of transport in Iraq is the Blachawk. They are amazing machines. Coming back from al Kut one day, we were treated to a little of what the Blackhawk can do: namely, the "Floatie." Basically, the pilot aims the Blackhawk straight into the sky and you shoot towards the heavens. When you fianlly crest, you get a feeling of complete weightlessness (often accompanied by everything not tied down in the bird "floating" for a few seconds).

This is a pic of the bird beside of us, mid-floatie. Truly an amazing experience. Better than the best roller-coaster you've ever ridden.