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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Duty, Honor, Family

Although this story is somewhat unique, you could write a story every day on those who are actively seeking deployment to Iraq:

"Nearly four decades later, the retired master gunnery sergeant felt the same anguish when his oldest son, Chris, was deployed in 2003 for the Iraq war. As he shed his own tears, the schoolteacher swore he would convince the Marine Reserves to take him back and allow him to fight by his son's side.

'I'm a father and a Marine. I can't separate the two,' said Phelps, 57, a clarinet player who runs the music program for Silver Lake's schools. 'I need to be there with Chris.'

On Friday, Kendall Phelps will get his wish."

I personally know one over-60 lawyer who volunteered to come to Iraq and oversee the new Iraqi Ministry of Justice. His son works with the Corps of Engineers about an hour north of him.

I also know many many folks who left Iraq, and then volunteered to come back. Why? I think when you see up closee and personal what is being done here, and what still remains to be done, you feel a sense of duty to finish the job.