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Monday, December 06, 2004

Zev jumps the tracks

I normally find Zev Chafets writings interesting and thought provoking. This one boggles my mind though: "From the national point of view, Kerik seems like a good pick. He knows something about security, he has experience running a large bureaucracy and he's equipped with good instincts. That became obvious when he slipped out of his Iraqi police adviser gig after just a few months. Kerik is the kind of guy who knows an unwinnable hand when he's dealt one."

Sooo . . . Kerik has good instincts because he bailed on a difficult job in Iraq? From someone who has taken the exact opposite path (US homeland security to the Iraqi Ministry of Interior), I beg to differ. My complaint here is with Chafets analysis, not Kerik's instincts. And having seen the insides of US homeland security, I can tell you that running DHS is a whole lot more than being a media darling.