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Friday, December 17, 2004

Who are the insurgents and how can they be defeated?

People sometimes ask me who it is Iraq and the Coalition are fighting. If you ask the Shia's, they say its foreign fighters from Syria (Sunnis). If you ask the Sunnis, they will tell you that its foreign fighters from Iran (Shias). Both agree that both former regime elements and al Qaeda are also in the mix. Personally, I agree with this analysis by a professor at the US Naval War Collegethat the "'insurgency is not a monolithic, united movement directed by a leadership with a unitary and disciplined ideological vision.' " Right now these widely divergent opportunists fight side by side to defeat the current Iraqi government so that they can then turn their knives on each other and the citizens of Iraq. Because of their diverse viewpoints, there really is no way to bring these groups into the fold to end the violence. They must simply be crushed with force.